What’s Hot in Menswear for Fall 2016?



It still may be hot outside, but Autumn is around the corner and it’s time to consider what you’ll need to have in your closet so you’re ready for all of those football games, homecomings, fall weddings, Halloween parties, and a variety of other Fall-inspired events.

Say Hello to Copper and Rust

The traditional Fall colors for men include navy, black, greys, dark greens and brown.  This year will include the introduction of other types of brownish attire, including the striking orangish-brown copper colors and the rich reddish-brown rust colors.

The Evolution of Casual Dress

Traditional suits and ties are almost extinct among today’s menswear.  Tailoring has loosened up considerably in 2016 Fall collections and laid-back sneakers are replacing dress shoes.  The look remains tailored, however, and not sloppy.  Consider how you mix the pieces together.  Sporty pieces, combined with impressive outerwear and designer sneakers, can be a smart look.

Slouchy Trousers

There’s a continued “slouchy” movement going on in men’s fashion and Autumn will likely included slouchy or pleated trousers.  The looser trousers will often be wider at the thigh and foot and some even include an elasticated waist.  A great way to accessorize your slouchy trousers is the Comfort Click Belt.  The Comfort Click Belt allows you to easily adjust your belt – anytime and anywhere – for the perfect look!


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